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- Stairways

- Ladder Ways

- Fall Arrest Systems

- Art installations

- Lighting

- Seasonal Decorations

Remote Hauling Services

- Signage

- Exterior Building

- Maintenance Systems

- Glazing Support

- Exhibits

- Sculptures

- Seasonal Decorations

Strategic installations, reliable engineering, anywhere.

RISE specializes in the positioning and installation of complex elevated elements. From rooftop access systems to art installations, from decommissioning services to installing signage; RISE has the experience and skills to safely work in the most difficult locations.

High rise buildings in crowded downtown districts are often limited in their use of large cranes due to the proximity of nearby buildings and public safety concerns. The RISE team specializes in the hauling and placement of oversized equipment that is unable to travel through the building.  Flagpoles, Davit Arms (Exterior Building Maintenance Systems) & Glazing Units are all examples of what RISE is able to safely transport to building rooftops.

With a background in entertainment rigging and heavy industrial work RISE is able to competently develop a lift plan from the drawing board and take it all the way to the work site. When planning an installation or big lift there is no room for error. Our combined engineering and rigging team will deliver on time and on budget.


General Engineering Contractor Lic. # 1051954

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