- Cladding

- Facade inspection

- Hazard at height removal

- Leak detection

- Light mechanical

- Architectural restoration

- Installations

- Bird Control

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Rise Rigging Licensed Engineers are experienced and fully equipped to inspect buildings of all ages, façade types and configurations.  Our thorough and efficient approach meets San Francisco Ordinance #67-16 requirements, following ASTM E2270

- Standard Practice for Periodic Inspection of Building Facades for Unsafe Conditions. 


In addition, we have the ability to use Rope Access as needed to reach all features of a building while minimizing pedestrian and traffic disruptions and as the most efficient and safe manner of access.  Our efficiency is passed on as savings to building owners.

Our typical façade inspection involves the following steps:

  • Review of available information, including building drawings, maintenance records and discussion with the building engineer.

  • Provide a façade inspection plan for review and feedback from the building engineer and Owner prior to our inspection.

  • Inspection of the façade elevations per SF Ordinance #67-16 and ASTM E2270.  This includes an overall visual review, detailed inspection of decorative elements, protruding features and areas where we have identified potential issues, and non-destructive testing as required to determine the integrity of the façade elements.

  • A report detailing our findings, including annotated elevations and photos identifying the locations of conditions we observed.  The report will meet the requirements of SF Ordinance #67-16.

  • Identify and report unsafe conditions to the building owner and Department of Building Inspection per the Ordinance.  We will work with the owner on the best approach to stabilize the unsafe condition.  As a licensed Contractor, RISE can also safely remove or stabilize the elements for an additional fee.

Building façade evaluation and maintenance is an important part of a buildings long-term performance and safety.  Façade inspections are required to assess exterior building elements that may become falling hazards in the event of failure due to age or seismic activity.  

In 2016 the City of San Francisco enacted the San Francisco Façade Ordinance #67-16, which requires buildings five stories and taller to have a facade inspection every ten years by a licensed engineer or architect.  The first required inspection depends on the age of the building as shown below.  The first wave of buildings require completed inspections and reports submitted by the end of 2021. 

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General Engineering Contractor Lic. # 1051954