All buildings are in a constant battle with the elements.

- Cladding

- Facade inspection

- Hazard at height removal

- Leak detection

- Light mechanical

- Architectural restoration

- Installations

- Bird Control


State of the art materials and cutting edge design will help a building stand tall in the harshest environments. However mother nature and time will take its toll.

It is our job to help you discover and recognize the indications that may lead  to a building envelope compromise. A chinks in a structures armor can lead to water ingress and over time the worst case scenario is damage to the structure within. Building failure at height has potentially tragic consequences and exposes both the public and building owners to considerable risk.

Many cities including San Francisco have a facade inspection city ordinance addressing this risk. The city requires buildings to adhere to a mandated schedule of inspection and reporting by professional engineers to city building officials.

The team at RISE is trained and experienced to carry out these inspections alongside our engineers to compile an extensive detailed report of the buildings condition. RISE can provide you with engineering recommendations and the necessary construction skills to correct issues we discover and restore the building to peak performance.

On historic structures, rope access is often the least intrusive or invasive means feasible. Reducing risk exposure for owners, residents and the public on the city streets and sidewalks below. These inspections can be carried out rapidly or at regular intervals to monitor building condition regardless of the need for city ordinance compliance.


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