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RISE Rigging is a specialty work at height contractor with over two decades of experience providing rope access services in San Francisco, including commercial high rise buildings and infrastructure. Our expert technicians specialize in exterior building maintenance, facade inspections, and are backed by a network of experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Our Bay Area-based management team is personally invested in projects of all sizes, ensuring excellent results for clients both in San Francisco and beyond.

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Scott Brown
Managing Director

Scott is an experienced work-at-height professional with over 25 years of experience in the industry. He has worked with risk management in a variety of extreme environments since 1995, as well as with Yosemite Search and Rescue and guiding clients in mountainous areas. Scott has a wealth of knowledge in rope access operations in various onshore and offshore projects, and has held roles at all levels of the workplace hierarchy. He is dedicated to ensuring top-notch results for all his clients and is known for his attention to detail and ability to see the big picture, contributing to the successful planning and execution of projects.

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Peter Harrell
Fall Protection Engineer

Technical Director

Peter has a depth of knowledge and experience in technical rigging and rope access. He began his work at height career teaching in the outdoor education world. Upon entering the rope access community in the late 90's in the UK, the birthplace of rope access, he has worked onshore and offshore across 3 continents. Peter brings technical ability and assurance to the client that can only be found when working with seasoned rope access professionals. His work experience derived from 20 years working in Europe to the Arctic and from castles to skyscrapers gives RISE the vision and ability to deal with any work at height scenario.

Tammy Siliznoff
Principal Engineer
Materials Scientist

M.S., P.E. (CA), LEED A.P.

Tammy  joined the San Francisco RISE office in January 2020, and her experience in the field, coupled with her background in Civil Engineering Project Management and Materials Science, is a great asset to RISE.

Tammy is a professional Civil Engineer and Materials Scientist with over ten years of experience in building science.  Her typical duties include design, peer review, construction-stage support and failure investigations of new and existing building enclosures.  Tammy takes a holistic approach to building to provide comprehensive solutions for air, water and moisture control.  Her building enclosure experience ranges from high-rise curtain-wall clad buildings to mid-rise drained-stucco clad buildings and everything in between.  Her expertise includes testing and consulting on exterior wall assemblies and fenestrations, below-grade waterproofing, roofing assemblies, mass timber construction, terra-cotta and tile-clad historic buildings, interior and exterior tile systems, paints and coatings, bullet-resistant glazing failure and many other areas.

Tammy’s experience in materials science has helped her excel in performing and interpreting laboratory testing and field testing of materials/assembly properties and behaviors.  Tammy’s laboratory testing experience includes SEM/EDS, TEM, Optical Microscopy, GCMS, FTIR, XRD, profilometry and dozens of other tests.  Other practical field testing includes Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), water testing, humidity analysis, concrete floor slab moisture vapor testing, air infiltration testing, and paint/coating and other building materials testing.  Tammy leads our team through routine and complex building enclosure projects with her experience, knowledge and commitment to quality.



General Engineering Contractor Lic. # 1051954

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